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Ford/Lincoln EV Test Mule Spotted After Lincoln Star EV Concept Debut

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Following the unveiling of the Lincoln Star concept, and the announcement of 3 EVs joining the Lincoln lineup by 2025, this test mule with a Mach-E body was spotted testing.

While it has a Mach-E body this prototype has a longer wheelbase, lifted stance and is wider than a standard Mach-E.

This test mule is reportedly part of Ford's CDX746 and CDX747 programs which will lead to EV replacements for the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. The changes shown in these photos are part of Ford’s GE2 EV platform—an evolution of the Mach-E’s GE1 platform. The GE2 EV platform will be offered in RWD and option AWD.

This new EV test mule shows that Ford is looking at more EVs outside of the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. These Ford and Lincoln EVs is expected to be a debut in late 2022 with availability starting in early 2023 as 2023 models.

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Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive tire
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Hood
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